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Welcome to our new Premium Content gallery. 


Click here to buy a 12 month /6 month / 1 month renewable subscription.  

This low introductory subscription of R65 ($9) for 1 month R315 ($45) for 6 months and R525 ($75) for 12 months will bring oil tuition right to you at home, as and when you want to view it.   As a paid up member you will have access to all of our online art tuition content, together with any interviews or articles that are available.

We will regularly upload a video of Cardin sharing his method of oil painting. Some video clips will be completed in one session where Cardin will tackle portions of a painting/subject or just concentrate on one particular style or method of painting.  Alternatively, he may demonstrate a complete painting which will take place over a number of sessions.  

In between there may be discussions, articles as well as interviews with other artists or gallery owners either by video or text. You will also be given the opportunity to email questions you may have to ourselves, and we will attempt to source an answer for you.  

As always we are dedicated to encourage creative expression, and right here is part of where we do that.  We wish you all the best with your art and invite you to join us here as we learn and have fun with oils.
All the best


Here is a sample of what you can expect ..... Art Class Part 1



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