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Cheetahs at Rest
Elephant, In Your Face
Zebra Young Half Face
Baby Baboon
Elephant Sunset
Elephant Closeup, Eating
Horse Portrait
Buffalo Closeup
Three Stabled Horses
Zebras - Eye To Eye
Zebra Sienna Monochrome
Birds Bathing in the Kruger Game Reserve
Three Giraffes at the Waterfront
Zebra Portrait
Ostriches diptych, Mother and Child
Zebra with Oxpecker
Zebra Eye
Elephant - The Night
Bush Buck - The Night
Buffalo - The Night
Two Zebras - The Night
Leopard - The Night
Lion - The Night
Lion Eye
Rhino Portrait
Rhino - The Night
Elephant Eye
Canada Geese
Young Cheetah
Cheetah Profile
Horse Eye Reflections
Elephant in Duststorm
Zebra - 2 panels