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Cardin Fox was born in South Africa and early in his life revealed a creative spirit. Following an extended period in which he studied and worked abroad (USA), he began producing art while in his 30's and has painted in various media (watercolour, gouache and oils) through the years.

He has had solo as well as group exhibitions over the years, and has also run art courses on occassion.  His passion is to capture chiaroscuro (light and shade) as it may be found in landscapes and seascapes.

Cardin has completed many private as well as corporate commissions over the years.  His most recent corporate commission was to deliver a number of very large works for an international hotel abroad as well as a golfing academy resort in the Middle East.  His work can also be found in many private collections around the world.

He presently lives and works from his home in the beautiful city of Cape Town in South Africa. He has had the privilege of travelling extensively to other parts of the world, including territories throughout Sub-Equatorial Africa, and strives to capture the very essence of the African experience with all of its peoples, landscapes and wildlife. Cardin's work is available both locally and overseas.


After working in the Financial field for over 17 years, Cardin's wife Vanessa finds great joy in managing the marketing of his work. Following numerous requests for Cardin to teach, basic courses and art workshops were commenced during 2002. Cardin works with small groups of students in a very relaxed, challenging but non-threatening environment.

In order to understand more of what it takes to produce good quality work in oils, Vanessa also did a workshop with Cardin. While enjoying it thoroughly, she did realize that art is not presently her God given gift. However, she does recommend the workshops for those people with a creative bent, who would like to de-stress and find the hidden artist within.

Vanessa attends to all bookings for exhibitions, talks, tours or workshops both locally and abroad.

Whether you are an artist yourself, or just appreciate looking or investing in quality art, our hope is that you have enjoyed your tour of our site.



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